is the process of using compressed air to propel abrasive media at a surface to clean, (usually paint & rust),debur, or to prepare a surface for a coating of some sort.

There are two kinds of sandblasters: ?Suction? / ?Siphon?" & ?Pressure? Blast Systems. Pressure systems are ten times faster & much more effective, but also quite a bit more expensive.

There are two basic kinds of sand blasters: Blast Cabinets & Portable Blasters

There is a huge variety of abrasive blast media out there each has its purpose. One you want to stay away from is Silica Sand. Blasting with Silica sand causes Silicosis of the lungs?Do Not Ever Use It!!!

If you are looking to blast hand tools, such as saw blades, wrenches, etc., I?d recommend blasting them in a sandblast cabinet. (A ?Suction/Siphon? cabinet would probably be sufficient?)

Sandblast Cabinets have adequate lighting, a dust collector, and two gloves you place you hands inside to blast within the cabinet. One nice part about blasting inside a cabinet is that all the dust is contained, so no respirator is needed. They are also relatively quiet, and some have abrasive separators which allow you to get the maximum life out of the abrasive blast media & consequently save money.